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I believe, this is where the black metal genre was born


Perished – Seid

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1.Storm Of Fall Delight 04:26
2.Dance Of The Elves 05:45
3.On Wings Of Desire 06:17
4.As Water Turns To Ice 05:59
5.Forged To Bloodshed 05:50
6.Departure Of Cosmic Union 04:33
7.Untouched By Mortal Life 07:00
8.Burning Heart Of Ice 05:53



3 stories that i need to follow, they are my fav. ones


There was a Priest, who believed in god. He spent all his life after good deeds and in the temple. Once, there came the flood in the town. It was so heavy that everything flowed away, to save his life he got over the dome of the temple. He kept on praying, he still had faith in god. Meanwhile a huge tree just passed by, but he said to himself that “god will save me” and continued his prayers. Later came a life boat. He again said “god will save me” and he got back to his ol’ job, now there came a helicopter to save him and he said “my god will save me”. The flood water rose and he got drown ! He definately deserved Heaven. He asked god why didn’t save me my lord !? God said, moron, i gave you 3 oppertunity, but u kept on praying !!

Moral : God helps them, those who help themselves {although fear created the god, but thats something irrelevent in this topic.}


There was a boy. Who was very bright at studies and he was also big fan of sports car. When he was done with his school and topped the university he expected his father to gift him a brand new sports car. He got home and showed his father his degree. His father kissed him on forehead and gifted him a brand new bible. Boy got dissapointed and angry. The same moment he left his father’s home. Years passed, he earned well and got rich just like his father and he got the news of his father’s death. He decided to visit his childhood home. When he went he saw the same bible in the same condition. With blurred eyes he opened it and he start crying like a little kid. In the bible, There was a key with a little note “To my son, on his great achievement” He was guilty but now it was too late.

Moral : Never take decisions when you are angry. Assumptions are the worst thing ever in life. Never assum anything about anything.


Bill was walking down the street with his personal belongings in a box. He lost his balance on a lose pave rock. He fell and his all belongings too. Mark was passing by he saw and he helped his gathering things, hugged him. They became good friends, after years when they were talking about thier glorious friendship, Mark Asked what made us close friends !? Bill said the day when we met, u helped me with my things. I was so pissed of that day, i packed all my things from office and i was going to suicide that day. But your little act of kindness and warmth of hug lead me to change my mind. The way you gathered my things from the road, u did the same with my life. 🙂

Moral : Little things do matter, although thier effect isn’t spontaneous or the remarkable, but they do make a difference, be kind !!


18th sept

It was indeed a remember-able day. As the journey of the previous day got my back aching alot. So my sunrise occured at 2..little bit of social networking, meal and then went out for the grand day !!

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It was my cute little sister, Tanu’s birthday. I had planned a nice surprize for her that her friends would pop up suddenly with a cake, but unfortunately none of her friends came. Decided time to meet was 4 but she didnt come till 5:30. I was sitting all alone at cafe and there was a french guy, Boris, who had come to A’bad for the first time. So we talked for almost whole 1 hour. He is an architect from france and currently on tour of 12 months. Boris is an intelligent guy and quite funny, he has been working in London for past nine years and he is also a gypsy like me, the only differnce is he travels world and i travel within Guajarat only. Ohh yea he took a picture of us and also took my e-mail addy. Finally Tanu arrives, and i asked all people sitting at cafe to sing for her. Every1 sang b’day song for her. Love you sister. ❤

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And after a long time there was a metal show in the town. It was an Okey gig. For the first time, a metal gig ended at 10 and i went home without neck-pain or back-pain. Nothing special, same old metallica, lamb of god, maiden, COB and shit. Aura stealers, ‘tallica tribute band, played nice, but their vocals sucked..met couple of new people, new contacts. Crowd was pretty posuerish. wannabees, dopers {show off}. Half of them never heard what is metal in thier whole shitty life and yet they were headbanging on stupid ‘tallica songs. headbanging in master of puppets and nothing else matters, gross they were !! But i was really glad to see couple of chicks headbanging. Anusha and her couple of friends. And also i’d like to apologize to Anusha for the brutal push in the moshpit, it wasn’t intentional, just couldnt realise due to smoke around !! sorry if hurted !! Indeed A’bad metal scene is growing. Couple of people promised me but couldn’t make it to the show due to personal reasons. Fluffy u were missed.


ensiferum – dragonheads (EP)

1. Dragonheads – 5:21
2. Warrior’s Quest – 4:53
3. Kalevala Melody – 1:47
4. White Storm – 4:56
5. Into Hiding – 3:49 (Amorphis cover)
6. Finnish Medley – 5:09



Evil woman

Yesterday {now its last week} when i came back from the college, i was just surfing through TV channels. On HBO a movie was just starting and it had Jake Black and Jason Biggs. So it certainly got my interest.

The movie was Evil Woman. At first glance it seemed just another movie. But then i felt deja vu. Why do i feel that i have seen the movie before. And yess i had. After few minutes whirl inside, it striked !! WTF !! its the same fucking movie that i had seen in Hindi. If you folks know, few months back Arshad Warsi {aka circuite} starrer film named “Kisse Pyar Karu” had released. {KUDOS if you really don’t know about the movie. My bad that i know about it, and i had seen the WHOLE movie too. Stupid bus driver, it wasn’t my fault !! :P}

wtfevil woman

the same sequence, the only difference was Arshad Warsi and gang was college boys, which they indeed never look alike, and they’d have never looked alike in thier real college life either !! Rather then that same trick of kiddnapping Judith, same nipple shock treatment thingy. same climax.

But the only difference was, the treatment of movie. Jason, Jack black, all of these looked pretty real. Especially, when Jason leaves his old friends and says Judith is the “one and only” for me. the same thing he had said for Sandy in past and then Jack Black says “isn’t “one and only” is one…*pauses*..and only !?” ..Alll in all it was a nice cheerful comedy, whereas kisse pyar karu was a cheap comedy, as-if they were forcefully trying to make you laugh with their double meaning comments !!

and also Neil Diamond appearance make it look great !!

yeah, that’s me

pearls of wisdom

"Apparently people don't like the truth, but I do like it; I like it because it upsets a lot of people. If you show them enough times that their arguments are bullshit, then maybe just once, one of them will say, 'Oh! Wait a minute - I was wrong.' I live for that happening. Rare, I assure you."

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