82 year’s teenager

Yess, you read it right. Yesterday while sitting back at cafe and chilling out with bunch of friends, there came a person with a black hat and painted mustache with black pencil. He waved us so we did. He came and pointing towards Parth and said, this guy is very emotional and very kind hearted. At first we thought he might be some random person who’d be fooling around. So Shyam asked him to give opinion about him and he said “you are the person who lives in your world, you have no other face”..he told almost about every1’s nature and we were really astonished !!

Later, he introduced himself, i dont remember the name, but I do remember his surname, he was chief photographer for local daily “Gujarat Samachar” . He was Mr Zaveri. At the age of 82, he was so active, full of joy. He was a true artist. He was not 82, he was 100-82=18, even younger and more active than me. Face full of peace and optimism. He said, you all are actors, u are a live film..

……….to be continued, i need to rush now, but i’d surely finish it by evening..Ohh and Yess, good ol’ happy days are coming back, its blooming again. Still black would stay forever \m/


2 Responses to “82 year’s teenager”

  1. 1 Shalini
    December 9, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    That’s nice…I used to think it’s only in movies that you see elderly people who still are jolly, and funny!
    So one day my friend and I go to the library, looking for a book…and the thing with the public library in Cochin is, you get weird looks if you ask where some book is. So after making big fools of ourselves half a million times, we settled with some random book we weren’t even looking for. That’s when the office guy, an old man who looked like he was 100 walked up to us, smiled through his broken teeth and picked up the book we were looking for! Plus, he knew EVERYTHING about the book (which was funny, because it was a teen girl book :p) but whatever!
    His name was Velayudhan, that I know, and now whenever we go to the library, we have chats with Velayudhan Uncle 😉

    Arrrgh now I want to start my blog!!!!!!

  2. 2 gypsyontherocks
    December 10, 2009 at 5:22 am

    awesome..go ahead..

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