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couple of days back, while surfing through channels, i stopped on VH1. My ears found that song much familiar, but not the voice !! I went back and voila !! it was “I want to know what love is” but wait, WTF, Mariah Carey singing it !!

My question is why ? Why a Pop, RnB, hip-hop singer would sing a “all time hit” number !? If you can’t appreciate it, then don’t insult it either !! This shows how such genre and their artists are fucking “sell outs”.

Even mainstream is all “sell out”. When searching this on youtube..This is what i found

Even youtube !! grrrr

Now, keeping that in mind, that you are {yess, you !} a third party reader and you don’t know any of i put both videos and leave it upto you for the judgment



Although, I’m too late to write review for the gig. But i must say that it was a kickass show after a long time. Crowd was also awesome, lesser and better. Indeed a quality crowd !! The energy level among people was awesome, you can feel the heat. Moreover there was a sexy, curvy and hot announcer was on stage too !! It was kinda funny that everyone was trying to grab her attention ! Even those who didn’t headbanged while the band is performing, went to the first row while that chick was announcing !! 😛

Due to a conference I was late to the venue, so I had almost missed the first band, Scaremonger from Jaipur, but i heard their last couple of song. They were nice, almost same as what they were, when played last time !! vocals were not audible at all. Either vocalist should increase the intensity of vocals, else the vocals should kept at higher volume !!

Then, came Chronic Phobia, previously thrash but emerged as a Metal band in general !! They were a six piece band. The bassist Pratika was an eye-catching, not because she was hot and curvy but she was an excellent player. They played their original compositions. It was nice to headbang and they played worth !! The drumming pattern for 3-4 songs were little weird and changing every now and then. That is not the problem, as a matter of fact i personally adore them for doing so !! Vocals sounded perfect and vocalist was actually very intellectual. I remember, him pushing me for the mosh and I drag him in for the mosh itself. All n all it was fun !!

Spiked Crib

These guys were insane. At first I marked that bassist was missing, but then yeah, RIP Vincy {aka beast}. These guys sounded total black/goth metal. The riffs were totally black metal-ish and vocals sounded extreme black metal at couple of points. Their original, Laments of the beast, which was a tribute song to Vincent was very ambient and they succeed to create depressive ambiance. Kudos to Spiked Crib for that..They played almost originals through out, i guess they played “fear of the dark” IM cover {correct me if i’m wrong, coz i was away for water that time} but they tured that song into a true BM sounding song. Again kudos to them !! Yess, i had seen them last year too. But this year they were more tight, louder, better and bigger. You were missed Vincy !!

I guess the show ended up over here for most of the crowd. Couple of people were excited about the guitar duel. {ok ! stop laughing now 😛 } but nothing as such happened. Raining blood, one of my favorite mosh material song, was being played {raped}. Not a single note was audible from the guitars. Neither the guitarist could catch up the speed as Kerry does !! Better luck next time folks, practice hard mates !!

That’s it from my side, by this i didn’t sound mean or rude to any of you people. Take this as a constructive criticism and hope to see you play better and louder next time !!


Riverside – out of myself

genre: progressive metal
country: Poland


1. The Same River [12:01]
2. Out Of Myself [3:44]
3. I Believe [4:15]
4. Reality Dream [6:15]
5. Loose Heart [4:51]
6. Reality Dream II [4:45]
7. In Two Minds [4:39]
8. The Curtain Falls [7:59]
9. OK [4:47]



college unstoppable

With 88% of youth wanting to contribute to society and help the underprivileged *
India’s premier volunteer movement Yuva Unstoppable has come up with an initiative to prove the mettle of these words, “Young people are not useless but used less.” The initiative is College Unstoppable.

College Unstoppable is a platform where all the colleges of India will come together to create India’s first Kindness Revolution and spread compassion by organizing kindness events.

College Unstoppable will lead to creation of national brigade of young people involved in social and kindness activities. This will lead to create social leaders and responsible citizens who will make India take the Big Leap in its growth and development.

so join it !! BE THE CHANGE !!


AIESEC Ahmedabad February Recruitment

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth run organization currently present in over 100 countries globally and over 23 cities within India. Partnering with over 5,000 organizations across the world, AIESEC provides its 35,000 member base from over 1,100 universities and educational institutions with a unique leadership experience to be a part of more than 350 global,national forums and over 5,500 global internship opportunities with leading organizations from the corporate, development, student and education sector.

AIESEC has successfully been running projects on various issues pertaining to entrepreneurship, emerging markets, social responsibility, environment sensibility etc. and aims to establish peace and fulfillment of human kinds potential through its various ventures.

AIESEC truly offers you the opportunity to discover your potential by giving you the platform to get a taste of what the real world is actually all about.

Apply for an opportunity like no other!

Apply online here:

For complete details please contact

Darshil Jariwala
Ph. No: +91-9924498200

yeah, that’s me

pearls of wisdom

"Apparently people don't like the truth, but I do like it; I like it because it upsets a lot of people. If you show them enough times that their arguments are bullshit, then maybe just once, one of them will say, 'Oh! Wait a minute - I was wrong.' I live for that happening. Rare, I assure you."

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