AIESEC Ahmedabad February Recruitment

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth run organization currently present in over 100 countries globally and over 23 cities within India. Partnering with over 5,000 organizations across the world, AIESEC provides its 35,000 member base from over 1,100 universities and educational institutions with a unique leadership experience to be a part of more than 350 global,national forums and over 5,500 global internship opportunities with leading organizations from the corporate, development, student and education sector.

AIESEC has successfully been running projects on various issues pertaining to entrepreneurship, emerging markets, social responsibility, environment sensibility etc. and aims to establish peace and fulfillment of human kinds potential through its various ventures.

AIESEC truly offers you the opportunity to discover your potential by giving you the platform to get a taste of what the real world is actually all about.

Apply for an opportunity like no other!

Apply online here:

For complete details please contact

Darshil Jariwala
Ph. No: +91-9924498200
E-Mail: darshil.jariwala@aiesec.net


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