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Happy burpday Kiran Sir

This might seem crap to many of the readers, but he is the one who is responsible for what I am. Although I had left the institute back in 9th grade and later he left when i was in 11th. Went to oxford married to Ruchita ma’am !! He has played most important role in building me up. And how can i forget my last birthday.
Whatever purpose or reason would be for coming down to India. But i firmly believe that he came down just to wish me the best !! You’re no lesser than God for me !! Heartily wishes from your student ! 🙂


you don’t have to be Oscar wilde to write this

This poem written by an African child was nominated for the best poem of 2005:

“When I born, I black:
When I grow up, I black;
When I go in sun, I black;
When I scared, I black;
When I sick, I black &
When I die I still black.

And you white fellows:

When you born, u pink;
When u grow up, u white;
When u go in sun, u red;
When u cold, u blue;
When u scared, u yellow;
When u sick, u green;
When u die, u Grey;
……………….and you call me colored????”


TheStarsaredeadnow – coldworld(ger)

Excellent work by German one-man band. It has got all those elements that makes a perfect “atmospheric black metal” record. It is indeed a genre defining band. It has this alluring property that makes you feel hypnotized subtly.Chord progression is so perfect that it gives you the cold, icy feeling as well as if you are feeling low, it may want to cut your veins too !! It will just take you to the abysses of depression, melancholy and solitude. Whole album is melancholic. It has droning chord progression to mid paced drumming with screeching vocals. Peace + depressiveness + nostalgia + melancholy. That’s how I’d prefer to describe this album. Tracks like “this empty life”, “hate”, “suicide” make it a mint !! The more you dig, the more you gonna fall in love wit this album.

Genre – atmospheric black metal

Country – Germany

: Tracklist :

1. This empty life (07:22)

2. Hate (04:00)

3. Cancer (03:38)

4. Suicide (05:15)

5. The old ghost in the well (07:48)



hockey world cup, indian premier league and bleh


After an exciting first match with Pakistan in hockey world cup, seemed that whole team was in full swing and ready to destroy the enemies brutally. Sheh, those motherf*ckers kicked Shivendra out for no apparent reason. No matter how much you say but western world, white people still not ready to accept us. It was clearely seen in video footage that, he did not hit paki player with intention. The worse part was paki player did not even ask to take steps towards him and he was banned for 3 matches !! WTF

But why to blame outsiders when our own people doesn’t care about National game. Hardly, in any match the stadium was filled with half of its capacity. And those morons in advertisements come and say, “mein bhi tiranga lehraunga, mein bhi India India chillaunga” !! GHANTA !!
And worse thing is IPL. “ye bhi toh koi ticket hai ? hum toh IPL ke ticket ke baare mein bol rahe hai” My foot, you ass licker !! And I really want to kill that every bastard those who jumps and shout in the IPL matches. Pathetic part is that, hockey stadium have almost half the capacity of what cricket stadium has, yet its not filled with people and cricket stadiums lack space !! Yeh mera India !!

jai hind

Just because IPL has those busty white skinned whores, who knows pretty well to shake thier ass, you go and watch it ? Tell you what, Hockey is far better, interesting and technical game to play !!
I’m just being an average and just another youth of the nation, who wants to change. I want to change the whole system, hypocrisy and mediocrity. It is eating us from the inside, we are losing our own identity. Its everywhere, couple of days back, Shah rukh khan was spotted with akon. Akon is given responsibility to compose music for next film. I bet our local bands make far better songs than that faggot !!

If you feel that 1% of what i have written above is true and YOU also want to change our country then start working from today..leave the comment below and we shall discuss about the changes we need to do and how we can work on that !!

yeah, that’s me

pearls of wisdom

"Apparently people don't like the truth, but I do like it; I like it because it upsets a lot of people. If you show them enough times that their arguments are bullshit, then maybe just once, one of them will say, 'Oh! Wait a minute - I was wrong.' I live for that happening. Rare, I assure you."

Keep an eye

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