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Trauma Ward

Yesterday was a scary day for me. While coming back from AIESEC appointment, a guy was crossing a road and he met with and accident. He bumped into a two wheeler while crossing the road. Due to heat he was very weak anyway. As a matter of fact that guy tried to save him but he touched the silencer and fell on the road. He is bleeding. That too from head. As usual in 5 seconds there was a huge crowd around. Some one brought water, we cleaned his wound. Meanwhile 108 was called and ambulance was on its way. Bleeding stopped after pouring the water. The guy was totally not in his senses. He wasn’t unconscious though. He was completely blank. 108 arrives, the medic comes and sees him. While checking his head and talking to me..looking at me and cleaning he said nothing to worry and there was a huge stain of blood on the cotton. And he said, we need to take him to local hospital. Meanwhile my friend had arrived as well. I sat in the ambulance with him.

He soon as we reached hospital, he was taken to the Trauma Ward. The scene of trauma ward was pathetic. Very similar to those exaggerated scenes shown in a typical south Indian movies. But I’d not anymore say exaggerated. They are true. There were around 12 beds there. On one bed there was kid taken, skin of his hand was totally ripped off. On the other bed a guy was shaking like anything. A pregnant woman was yelling like anything {later I came to know that she had a miscarriage 😦  }. An old man was on oxygen mask. Meanwhile case paper was made and preliminary treatment was given to the man I had injured. He was allotted his bed and I was away for the formalities. Doctor told me that so far its head injury CT scan needs to be done. I arranged money for it somehow and got him to the CT scan ward. Before taking him there..there was a stretcher with a man of age 45 lying with his mouth open unconsciously. His son was coming there. Meanwhile back in CT scan room, the only thing i was praying to good lord was that there isn’t anything serious. That man should not suffer more. I was almost on verge of crying feeling guilty. All this while I had called his family and his and wife were on their way to hospital. They lived in some village in outskirts of city. The guy was doing some sort of business.  Actually one can’t call it a business at all. What he does is, buy small things of daily chores and go back to his village and sell ’em. So it was daily sort of business. Everyday he’d come to city buy things and sell there.

CT scan reports came and Doc said everything is normal. Nothing to worry about. I was like thank God !! I put him on wheelchair and brought back to the trauma ward. Back in trauma ward, doctor asked me to bring thread and medicine for stitches. So Devang and Shyam went for the medicine, problem was we didn’t have money at all. They called up Harsh to come with money. And so far only one person is allowed with the patient I was with the guy. Because his wife and kid hadn’t arrived then. Meanwhile the guy “Mr K” was coming in his senses. And he suddenly bursts crying. I was shocked and scarred again. I sat beside him and asked what happened. He replied “what am I doing here” I don’t remember a thing”. Then I told him everything. Again he was crying, I asked again, he said that he was scarred. I went to doctor and told him about this. Doc came and made him understand. Meanwhile the unconscious guy on stretcher, about whom i mentioned earlier, was still there and his son had arrived. He was yelling Dad, wake up, Dad..please wake up. And trust me while writing this, my eyes are blurred. It was painful and really heart melting to see that guy yelling over his Dead dad !! :(( He kept on doing this for almost 15-20 minutes. He kept on pumping the body and crying. I couldn’t resist myself there.

By then he was taken to OT and his wife and kids had also arrived. They were anxious too. I told them the situation and made them understand that there’s nothing to worry about. I was there with Doc in the OT while taking stitches. I had a nice long conversation with Doctor. While Mrs K  was waiting outside and Doc, Mr K and me being inside the OT. Doc asked me, why didn’t you ran away. I said because it was my fault and even if it wasn’t my fault then i’d have stayed and couple of more talks about morality and humanity !!

Alas, we are done, and you can go home yourself said Doc to Mr K. His wife came to me and thanked me. And his wife explained their condition. They have this daily business. Their evening menu is decided by the earnings at the end of the day. They lived in a house on rest and they can’t pay the rent the landlord is threatening them to leave the place. More over the kid is now in 12th, so his tuition fees and all. I really don’t know how they gonna manage all this.


Tips For Young People To Become Normal Again

(blundering language ahead, you have been warned)

Young people don’t know how good they have it. They live in an increasingly inter-connected, exciting world where Sreesanth is a role model, an iPad is considered useful and Pepsi decides to name an entire country after them. Nonetheless, most young people nowadays are illiterate, pretentious, horny and largely clueless. In short, like Tusshar Kapoor. Thus, here is a list of steps they can take to be considered normal.

Stop using “Ma”: I don’t know if you’re fans of Shashi Kapoor movies, but the next time you use “ma” in your sentence, I will shove your teeth so far up your own fucking ass that even a Japanese whaler’s harpoon won’t go deep enough to be able to fish it out. Seriously, is this some faux attempt at proving your love for your mother or did your priest make you miss grammar classes during kindergarten? The word is “my”. Repeat after me.

“My name is Khan, and I’m a lameass actor”


“Ma name izz Khan, I’m a rockstarrrrr”

And while we’re on the subject, when did “Killer Shit” and “That’s gangster” become part of the lingo to express approval? What the fuck is killer shit anyway? Do you suffer from advanced colitis? Anal cancer? And gangster? You’re telling me this happened because of Shiney Ahuja’s film of the same name? What time between the release of his movie and raping his maid did he bless us all with this ridiculous verbal concoction? Even Inzamam Ul Haq would cringe at such Anand Jon-ification of the language.

Stop LOLing: If you take a walk down some parks early in the morning, you might come across groups of senior citizens holding their stomachs and making loud gratuitous noises. I want you to observe this act very closely. It’s called LAUGHING. NOT LOLing. LAUGHING. Why the fuck cant you laugh at a joke? Why do you have to say “LOL” in a conversation? It’s not a chat room where you’re trying to impress a spambot so that it turns the webcam on for you to jack off. I’m standing IN FRONT OF YOU! Don’t you dare bloody LOL me you son of a bitch! If you want to smile, smile! Don’t say tee hee. If you want to laugh, laugh! Because if you don’t I’m going to rip your tongue out, wipe it down Navjot Sidhu’s asscrack and smack you across the face with it like Xena warrior princess. And stop LOLing at your own jokes. If you have to end your own sentence with a LOL, your shit ain’t funny to begin with.

Stop reading Paulo Coelho: When the hell did Paulo Coelho become the must read author to prove your intellectual chops? Is it the graphic love scenes in Eleven Minutes that turn your nuts to momos? Do you think reading “The Alchemist” is a short cut to become a pharmacist? Don’t stick your stupid Facebook and twitter profiles with Paulo Coelho as your favourite author. It just tells me you don’t really read and just bought one at a train station because everyone seemed to have one and you felt more generous than buying a copy of “Who moved my cheese?”

Stop showing me your boxers: Seriously son, pull those freaking pants up. I DON’T want to see your boxers. And I certainly don’t want to see your Grand Canyon cuz I’m sure as hell not Kobe Bryant looking for some practice free throws. I don’t care if you’re wearing Rupa or Jockey’s. I don’t care if it messes with the chain that you’re hanging across the left side of your parachute pants. I also don’t give a flying Jatayu’s patootie whether it messes with your frumpled hair, your goatee, your black t-shirt and finger sleeves. What the fuck are finger sleeves anyway? Were you trying to measure the perfect condom size or are you a professional kite flyer? Pull those goddamn jeans up and stop showing me your hairy lower back before I call the tow truck and get your ass impounded for indecent exposure.

Stop watching Shah Rukh Khan Movies: No. He is not the greatest actor of our generation and will never be. But then again, your probably believe he drives around Mumbai in a Hyundai i10 as well. Stop crying about him feeling bad that Kolkata lost. Stop telling me My Name is Khan was the greatest bloody movie you ever saw. It only goes to show you have the same IQ as girls who scream in the movie hall every time Bobby Deol makes an appearance.

Stop believing what Arundhati Roy says: Seriously, that bitch will get you shot. If following socialist hotties is your thing, go with Brinda Karat. The worst that might happen then is you will have no friends left.

Stop giving a fuck about the EPL: I’ve said this before and ill say it again. NO ONE gives a fuck about whether you support Man U or Barca. They’re not YOUR team and their success doesn’t mean that YOU won. No matter how many jersey’s you buy from a trip to Thailand or Palika Bazaar, no matter how many soccer shoes you buy and wear at inappropriate places, NO ONE gives a fuck. Find some other goddamn purpose in life than tweet about players whose names you can’t pronounce and who you’ve only been exposed to in FIFA 2007. And don’t you dare rattle off Fabregas’s statistics if you can’t supplement those with Sunil Chhetri’s either.

Stop pretending to be into hip-hop music: Just because your car has a bass tube and you listen to 50 Cent and Afro Man does not mean you love “Rap music”. Go and learn atleast 7 rhymes of Biggie Smalls or Tupac before I bust a cap in yo ass. Stick to rock, its easier to pull off being a fan of Nirvana.

Stop wearing Che Guevera T-Shirts: If the only thing you know is “he was the dude from Motorcycle Diaries”.

Stop wearing tight t-shirts after gymming: Just because you go to the gym and your bicep increased by half an inch doesn’t mean you start wearing body-hugging nipple busting t-shirts and walking like a scarecrow. And take those fucking sunglasses off. Its 8 in the bloody evening and no one will judge you for walking around with a hooker as arm candy anyway!

Stop putting obscure quotes and pictures as your status messages: Seriously, you’re trying to tell me your low attention span excuse for a hamster’s brain was up reading Dante and Nietzsche? Stop faking and pretending to be an intellectual. We all know you just Google quotes on love, success, friendship to try and make sense of your life and give yourself some comfort when the milkshake hits the desert cooler. And for fucks sake, stop quoting people like the CEO of General Motors and other crazy right-wingers. I know language isn’t your thing, but you might want to check the dictionary for “context”. Also, don’t forget to check “Dumbfuck”. You might find your picture next to Shivraj Patil’s.


ronnie james dio passes away

the legend, the god, have passed away on 16th in the morning. It was really disturbing for me. He was one the musicians whom i wanted to meet personally !! That dream now remains dream.

anyway, RIP dio.



I couldn’t think of any good title ‘coz there’s no point putting a title.

feeling is nameless, hence the post goes blank !!

I m not at all doing this for sake of updating my blog, but this does make a sense to me !!

yeah, that’s me

pearls of wisdom

"Apparently people don't like the truth, but I do like it; I like it because it upsets a lot of people. If you show them enough times that their arguments are bullshit, then maybe just once, one of them will say, 'Oh! Wait a minute - I was wrong.' I live for that happening. Rare, I assure you."

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