two incidents

Incident 1

Yesterday, at my regular visit to college gate for chai. I was slurping chai and I saw a man, 50-ish, cleaning out all those plastic bags, empty Balaji wafer packets and cigarette butts. Apparently I was inside the college premises and chai is delivered through the bars of the gate. The guy was removing all the weed that have grown after recent rains.

He was perspiring and apparently only one to clear such a vast area. So I offered to buy him chai.

“No thanks, I’ll buy with my own earned money !! ” he replied.

I was moved by this answer. A single cutting chai doesn’t cost more than 5 rupees. Yet he was so “imaandaar” that he simply denied the offer !!

I salute such people !!

Incident 2

Again while slurping chai I experienced something disturbing. The Kitli { Tapri for mumbaians} owner was making tea and some random customer came. The owner asked “chhotu” to serve tea to that guy. Chhotu gave him tea and a cigarette. After a while he discuss something with the person sitting next to him. Although i was least interested in what they were talking about. But i could figure out that they were talking about “chhotu”.

I was done with my tea so i went there to pay and heard him saying

“ye bachho log ko khana hi dena bandh karr dena chahiye, tabhi ye saley kaam kartey hai”

“din mein sirf 2 baar hi khana dena chahiye, toh thi unki akal thikane ati hai”

I was shocked to hear this and more sad that people still have such bullshit mentality!!? That kid works there since morning 7 to night 11. That is fucking 16 hour job. And that heartless man says he should be given food only twice a day !! How pitiful.

I really wanted to slap that man so hard at that moment.

{This happened later in the evening, venue had changed}


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