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You Grew Up in India in 90s if…

(1) You’ve read at least some Chacha Chaudhary or Tinkle comics.
(2)You watched Cartoon Network and then the late night movies on TNT that came after Cartoon Network ended.
(3) You know the song ‘Made in India’ by Alisha Chinoi
(4) You’ve seen Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge at the cinema at least once. You’ve also seen David Dhawan and Govinda movies and laughed at them.
(5) Barbies for girls, and GI Joes for boys were the ultimate status symbols. And later came, Hot Wheels.
(6) You’ve had endless packets of Parle Gluco G biscuits, and of Brittania Little Hearts biscuits. You also loved licking off the cream from the centre of Bourbon biscuits.
(7) You watched Baywatch on Star World even though (or because) your parents said you shouldn’t watch it.
(8) You bought packets of potato chips for the specific purpose of collecting Tazos.
(9) For the longest time, the Maruti 800, the Premier Padmini, THE Fiat, and THE Ambassador were the only cars you saw on the road, and the Contessa was cool because it was bigger.
(10) You used to Fuzen gum. You also chewed Big (big) Babool and/or Boom Boom Boomer chewing gum. They were bright pink and disgusting tasting, but you loved them for the temporary tattoos.
(11) You have at some point debated who was more beautiful- Aishwarya or Sushmita.
(12) When you would watch WWF keenly every evening/afternoon and really think that Undertaker had 7 lives and he made an “actual” appearance in the Akshay Kumar- starrer Khiladiyon ka Khiladi.
(13) You grew up reading Enid Blyton books.
(14) You absolutely HAD to go to Essel World if you went to Mumbai! “Essel World mein rahoonga main, ghar nahin nahin jaaonga main!”
(15) You watched the Bournvita Quiz contest on TV pretty religiously.
(16) “Jungle jungle baat chali hai, pata chala hai. Chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai, phool khila!”
(17) Maggi 2 Minute Noodles = ultimate snack (and tiffin, lunch, dinner)!
(18) you recall the nation’s obsession with Mahabharata on TV.
(19) This list made you smile 🙂

as per found on orkut group (originally ripped from FB group with the same tittle)


yess, i m back

i have got lot of things to be covered and write but right now nothing is coming into my i guess i’d write something tomorrow !!

PS-Happy Diwali

yeah, that’s me

pearls of wisdom

"Apparently people don't like the truth, but I do like it; I like it because it upsets a lot of people. If you show them enough times that their arguments are bullshit, then maybe just once, one of them will say, 'Oh! Wait a minute - I was wrong.' I live for that happening. Rare, I assure you."

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