Review of BLACK METAL KRIEG featuring 1833 AD, Dhishti , Stark Denial and Spiked Crib

I think this was probably the best part of my mumbai trip. It was definitely great time. I have never seen such awesome gig in ahmedabad. The people, the bands, the sound, the mosh..everything just seemed perfect. It was like how it should be. Kudos to the sound guy.

Spiked Crib

They were first ones to play. Although I have seen them performing in Ahmedabad previously when Vincy was part of the band and 2nd time it was in Feb I guess. They were okay-ish then, they became good and this time they were really good. They have made their mark. They were tight, synchronization between members was also upto the mark. And it was very good to know that such tight performance with 2 new members. Good thing going on. Vocals were nice, at times it made me feel Enochian crescent. Church organ patch made a nice evil atmosphere, drumming was tight as usual.

overall I’d give them 6.5/10


The band from Sri Lanka. When I read it over facebook about them, i was surprised to know that BM exists in Sri Lanka too. Awesome. These guys came with painted faces. I really appreciate that. They played originals and they were really good. I loved the vocalist. Their songs justified the depressiveness. Although keys could have made it a real suffering atmosphere for sure.I guess when we’d have real good amount of money to organize a gig, they are sure to hit the stage in Ahmedabad.

Overall I’d give them 7/10

1833 AD

These guys know the business. Simple. They know what black metal is all about. In my opinion they are one the few bands who know how to perform live. Their music was awesome, their stage act was awesome. They were not a band who’d come to stage preparing 5-6 songs, they were like loaded up with so many songs and apparently it seemed that they can play any freaking song. Which I loved about them. they played 3-4 covers. They nailed it when played “freezing moon”. Although there were glitches in couple of songs, off-beat couple of time but that doesn’t counted when you play such awesome songs. Here is the setlist:

1833 AD
Inheritance Evil
Ten Gods
Tyrants (Immortal cover)
Wiser than the Wisest
God Loves the Dead (Ancient cover)
My Funeral (Dark Funeral cover)
Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover)
Who Will Kill the Emperor

Next gig in Ahmedabad is sure going to have them. Whoever is the organizer. They are the ones to see !!

overall rating 9/10

Stark Denial

I had been hearing about this band for so long. As a matter of fact they were to play in Ahmedabad, but they didn’t due to some reasons. My trve BM friends always talk about these guys. I was really curious to see them. They were right. Stark Denial didn’t disappoint me at all. They were upto the mark. Vocals were amazing, I could feel the pain bleeding in it. Guitars were raw, drumming was even awesome. Drummer is really a badass. In the end they played “Raining Blood” along with Jimmy of Zygnema on vocals. It was nice. Since its always on top of my dream mosh playlist. I simply drowned myself into the beauty of this song, freed myself. Period

Overall rating : 9.5/10
PS-photo credits goes to manasi kale


8 Responses to “Review of BLACK METAL KRIEG featuring 1833 AD, Dhishti , Stark Denial and Spiked Crib”

  1. January 13, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    are Indian BM bands any good?

    time now we bring some originality instead of blatantly copying others?

  2. January 15, 2011 at 1:18 am

    Btw dude….the song ‘raining blood’ played by stark denial is it Slayer’s song or is it some other black metal song??

  3. January 16, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    well dude nobody is assuming things here

    i was talking abt whether these ‘bands’ sing in english or in the local language
    mostly the bands come up with stuff in english very few try to go into local languages

  4. 7 Rohit Chaoji
    March 11, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    Bands sing in English because Death and even Black Metal vocal style doesn’t go really well with a lot of languages. There’s not much intonation involved in these vocal styles so the languages they sing in need to be the ones that do not involve a lot of intonation. Death Metal has been sung in Assamese and Bengali and worked, though Hindi sounded cheesy with such a vocal style.

  5. 8 gypsyontherocks
    March 11, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    well said chao !

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