Euphoria gig?

Okay,  so I went to this “free” gig last night and the headlining (also the only) band was “Euphoria“. Indian Rock/sufi/indie pop/shit rock/(put any random insulting word along with rock) band had come down to perform in some dentistry school, which I had never heard of until one of my friend got in there (that’s last year). It was almost 25 km away, none of us had money for the fuel. Which resulted into me scratching my card despite knowing that I’m never gonna get that money back ! 😦

We were surprised to see that the whole road was filled with parked cars on both the sides. I wonder people are really crazy that they come this far in cold to such stupid acts. Nevermind. Now, at the gate, there were two bouncers, too. :O (later, in the gig, I even saw a security guy with gun residing in the wallet, whatever it’s called, just like one they show in those fancy CID shows, one underneath armpit) . As we entered there was helluva crowd shouting and cheering and I was like wtf. That guy was literally shouting and singing off note.

The stage set up and lighting was really amazing. Sound sucked, so did the band. Bass guitar was not at all audible (I doubt whether he was playing or not). There was no melody in the vocals. More over they played stupid covers of hindi songs. A band like Euphoria (apparently a mainstream band), despite having 4 studio albums and 5th one to release, has to play covers of “apni toh paath shaala”, “emotional atyachar” etc. what could be more failure than this !! *sings “mm..mm it makes me wonder” in Robert Plant accent*

I have to admit one thing that Dental college have so many hot chicks, which you can’t hit upon !!


Few clarifications :

I wrote this because..

1. Band review was so small that I had to write crap initially

2. To educate those n00bs that rock is something different than what you saw last night

3. Someday Euphoria member (or the whole band) reads this and face the reality

4. I was bored


PS-I am so excited about Led Zepplica gig this weekend at IIMA.

Now playing : Gallows Pole – Led Zeppelin


2 Responses to “Euphoria gig?”

  1. January 20, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    Yeah Eurphoria sucks big time. I remember a similar gig 5 years back in Delhi and I was like – this is that fucking popular Indian rock band?

  2. 2 akshaya
    February 18, 2011 at 1:51 am

    I can so relate to that so so so so much
    you know what people were actually dancing wen he sung mehfoos and almost trying to show a devils horn imperfect ones….and palash sen he is so ridiculous his voice is like that of my great great grand dad …it was almost a comedy circus
    with him almost raping dil chahta hai track …..and then he took off his pullover it cudnt get more horrid thn tht so i escaped

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