Led Zeppelica and Kryptos

Tired of previous day’s “Blizzards of rock” competition. I fell asleep in the afternoon and damn i woke up at 7pm. I was like SHIT! I called up shyam and asked him where he was, and he’d say he is already inside and kryptos have started playing. I was like FUCK !

I simply put on my Motorhead tee and left. Bought pass worth 300 and went in. When I went in, Kryptos were already playing. Last four songs were to go. I tried going in the front and found out that all those wannabe kids were moshing, rather they were doing “garba”. So I decided to stay away. But I gotta admit Kryptos were really good. Their music had this Old School flavor in it. Vocals made it even mint! Many didn’t like them coz they didn’t have machine gun double bass drumming through out the song. But again “ignorance is bliss” is the best suitable quote for them. I loved them. They were unique, they knew what they are doing and they knew their sound ! Later I met them off stage and they are humble guys. They don’t have fake “rockstar” attitude in them. That’s enough to love them !

Now, it was time for the grand performance. It was Led Zepplica. They started with “immigrant song“. They played “Dazed and confused” of full length and they nailed it. I was bit skeptical about the vocals part but he scored it well. It was ironic that the guitarist looked like Robert Plant. They played “rock n’ roll” but the crowd totally disappointed them by giving very ignored response! Actually that’s all you can expect from such a crowd. Mainly all of them had come for the DJ party that was right after the performance. After that it was time for “No quarter“. He played the song with the violin Bow..It was really amazing. Perfect wah-wah effect without using the patch ! They played all time great “Kashmir” and they went off the stage, every-one was wondering why not “Stairway” and the reason was the time. They were told to finish up by 10 and they actually did. When I checked the time..it was just 3 mins to 10pm. I think they didn’t know that IST means Indian Stretchable Time but Indian Standard Time. But they came back on crowd’s request, they played it..they nailed it.

I got to admit that I’ve never had such heavy doze of Rock n’ roll injected ! I wish it keep on happening through out the year.

After that it was some shitty DJ night and there more people interested in it, but for me the day ended when rock n’ roll ended.


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