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AIESEC Ahmedabad is recruiting

here is your best chance to be a global citizen !!

AIESEC is the international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential in order to have the positive impact in society, where each member of AIESEC goes through an integrated development experience comprised of a global learning environment, leadership opportunities and international internships. It is a student organization present in over 107 countries with over 50,000 members globally.
It is a…associated with over 4000 companies worldwide and that includes some major names such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, Microsoft, ABN Amro, DHL, Alcatel Lucent, etc. It is also recognized by the UN

The Ahmedabad chapter was formed in 1983 in IIM Ahmedabad and has produced a quality class of leaders among youth over the past 27 years, it offers its members and experience of leadership, cultural diversity and an opportunity to become global citizens, AIESEC is recruiting through the month of august.

Come be a part of the change
make your impact as a youth leader

register yourselves at,
you will be contacted soon

for more information, contact

Janak Mahajankatti = +91-9725032223

Prayag Thakkar = +91-8000815024


The City has Grown Up

Few days back after a night at AIESEC office for matching mania..early in the morning..I penned down my thoughts !!

This is going to be one of the promotional song. No structure to the song..just plain progressive piece !! Mostly acoustic piece with lot of melancholies !!

That’s what I’ve planned for now..later it all depends how things go while jamming !!

The City Has Grown Up

at four thirty in the morning
bright moon shines so dull
with two spotlights playing
around the the signboard
on which there is a skull

fluorescent tube lights blinking in the doorway
turbulence of the engines of the milk wagons and
newspaper distributors slurping the tea of the day
tempting the sun to wake this once-a-holy-land

roads and pavements grown wider
underneath glowing lamps on divider
only if their hearts were simple
i wouldn’t hesitate to call them people
nights have never been this colder
until this small city had grown older


AIESEC Ahmedabad February Recruitment

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth run organization currently present in over 100 countries globally and over 23 cities within India. Partnering with over 5,000 organizations across the world, AIESEC provides its 35,000 member base from over 1,100 universities and educational institutions with a unique leadership experience to be a part of more than 350 global,national forums and over 5,500 global internship opportunities with leading organizations from the corporate, development, student and education sector.

AIESEC has successfully been running projects on various issues pertaining to entrepreneurship, emerging markets, social responsibility, environment sensibility etc. and aims to establish peace and fulfillment of human kinds potential through its various ventures.

AIESEC truly offers you the opportunity to discover your potential by giving you the platform to get a taste of what the real world is actually all about.

Apply for an opportunity like no other!

Apply online here:

For complete details please contact

Darshil Jariwala
Ph. No: +91-9924498200


Lcong 2009

LCong 2009 !! It was a life time experience !! thank you all for making difference in my life

DT Roxxgod knows what is he doing !!

TN department

thats my DT department..samyak, niam, nemi, mudit, bhuvan, me n manushi

the punishment, janak, aditi n me

OCP jihan

yeah, that’s me

pearls of wisdom

"Apparently people don't like the truth, but I do like it; I like it because it upsets a lot of people. If you show them enough times that their arguments are bullshit, then maybe just once, one of them will say, 'Oh! Wait a minute - I was wrong.' I live for that happening. Rare, I assure you."

Keep an eye

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