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ragnarock 2011 featuring SCRIBE and abraxes

Very good show by these people. I didn’t assume that they can put up such good show. Kudos to the organizers !!

First it was battle of bands and later the headlining acts took place.

Experiment 7

One of the oldest and still existent band(s??) of Ahmedabad. They play alternative/punk rock which apparently is not my cup of tea. I love what they do but I am not much of their fan. These guys are really talented, each one of them have been playing since long. But somehow recently I don’t really see the old spark in them. To me, it seems that they just play for sake of getting on to stage. I don’t find the old groove and energy in their playing. They really need some-one for vocals. GOOD VOCALS. Though guitar playing have gone the whole new way, somewhat funk-ish. But not upto the mark. Hope they come up with the old spark.

And one more thing, please don’t play Lazarus, let it be the way it is. I may, here, sound orthodox and stubborn. But their version of Lazarus sucks !!



This band is where it all began. They were my first metal band to see live. Since then I m their fan. Though my music taste got changed with time but still I always enjoy them playing live. I m indeed their fan. Although The line up have changed with the time. But Jay and Paul being the consistent members of the band and my friends as well. They started with Tornado of Souls by mighty Megadeth. They pulled it really well, although there were couple of mistakes in the riff after 2nd verse, but granted ! After that they played OCs. They were tight. I think now its time that they need to come out of shell and start considering the opportunities out of Gujarat as well. The drummer kid is really getting good at playing.

Of course they won the competition. Jay I need a treat !


Downcast deciet

Next was guys from Bangalore. They took little more time with sound check and they almost wasted their 15 mins in doing so. They got to play just 2 songs. Both originals. I can’t seem to remember the name of the first song. Double bass drumming was going way off beat at one point of time. They were good, but they can be better. They seemed newbies. Vocals were too loud that it almost made guitars not-so-audible. Second song was “Downcast deceit” which was okay-ish. It didn’t really amused me. But they have potential and they can do way better than what they did. Best wishes for them.


The faculty

The college band. The only thing I want to say is YOU SUCK. Drummer, please practice hard before you get on stage. Mr Guitarist you too. Mr Keyboardist, I know that you can play fast like hell, maybe you can show your skills when required. You are just a show off. Please never perform elsewhere.



Band from IIM-A. They are determined but unlucky guys. They had problems with lead guitar. It wasn’t audible at all. And it sounded like flush anyway. They played original, something about X-men and super powers or whatever. After that they played A tout le monde, which was good. I mean, at least better than what they played in IIM Chaos. Don’t play for sake of playing. Put your best efforts or don’t play.



Okay, I gotta admit that these guys are insane. I loved the energy, the power, the dedication and of course the music. They knew their sound and they knew what they are doing. Guitarist is one heck of a played. They played their originals and they’ve got great potential. I wouldn’t be really surprised seeing them performing abroad and signed by some foreign record label soon. I wish them really bright and gig-ing future ! Way to go. It was them who made me start headbanging in the gig. I didn;t really want to headbang in the gig but they made me !



Probably one of their own kind of band. Frontman was one heck of a guy. He was funny. He literally ripped gujjus. He started talking gujju swearing and broken gujju, which was funny. He even make 2 girls do dandiya on stage. What could be more hilarious than this !! Apart from that, music, they were very djental I should say. Now, I should admit that, djent is very difficult to headbang upon. You can’t really decide that you want to headbang on drumbeat or the riff. Djent makes you headbang and makes your body bang as well. It was carnage, shear carnage of 45 mins. But I hate them for not playing Mark of Teja. Frontman eventually made those wannabes come on stage and made fun of them, but they didn’t really realize 😛 !! And in the end, he bloody called the WHOLE FUCKING CROWD on the stage ! :O Everyone was on stage and yet they were playing. I really really enjoyed them seeing live, and probably my decision of staying for the gig and not to go to stupid dinner party. This would be probably my best gig so far. Hope to see you more. Keep doing what you are doing. You guys have really very bright future ahead. Now, I can say, I GOT DJENT ! 🙂

I wanted to buy abraxes and SCRIBE CD but motherfuckers vanished right away ! :\

It was almost 2am and I yet had to arrange something to go back home so I left the venue as soon as I could.


Review of BLACK METAL KRIEG featuring 1833 AD, Dhishti , Stark Denial and Spiked Crib

I think this was probably the best part of my mumbai trip. It was definitely great time. I have never seen such awesome gig in ahmedabad. The people, the bands, the sound, the mosh..everything just seemed perfect. It was like how it should be. Kudos to the sound guy.

Spiked Crib

They were first ones to play. Although I have seen them performing in Ahmedabad previously when Vincy was part of the band and 2nd time it was in Feb I guess. They were okay-ish then, they became good and this time they were really good. They have made their mark. They were tight, synchronization between members was also upto the mark. And it was very good to know that such tight performance with 2 new members. Good thing going on. Vocals were nice, at times it made me feel Enochian crescent. Church organ patch made a nice evil atmosphere, drumming was tight as usual.

overall I’d give them 6.5/10


The band from Sri Lanka. When I read it over facebook about them, i was surprised to know that BM exists in Sri Lanka too. Awesome. These guys came with painted faces. I really appreciate that. They played originals and they were really good. I loved the vocalist. Their songs justified the depressiveness. Although keys could have made it a real suffering atmosphere for sure.I guess when we’d have real good amount of money to organize a gig, they are sure to hit the stage in Ahmedabad.

Overall I’d give them 7/10

1833 AD

These guys know the business. Simple. They know what black metal is all about. In my opinion they are one the few bands who know how to perform live. Their music was awesome, their stage act was awesome. They were not a band who’d come to stage preparing 5-6 songs, they were like loaded up with so many songs and apparently it seemed that they can play any freaking song. Which I loved about them. they played 3-4 covers. They nailed it when played “freezing moon”. Although there were glitches in couple of songs, off-beat couple of time but that doesn’t counted when you play such awesome songs. Here is the setlist:

1833 AD
Inheritance Evil
Ten Gods
Tyrants (Immortal cover)
Wiser than the Wisest
God Loves the Dead (Ancient cover)
My Funeral (Dark Funeral cover)
Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover)
Who Will Kill the Emperor

Next gig in Ahmedabad is sure going to have them. Whoever is the organizer. They are the ones to see !!

overall rating 9/10

Stark Denial

I had been hearing about this band for so long. As a matter of fact they were to play in Ahmedabad, but they didn’t due to some reasons. My trve BM friends always talk about these guys. I was really curious to see them. They were right. Stark Denial didn’t disappoint me at all. They were upto the mark. Vocals were amazing, I could feel the pain bleeding in it. Guitars were raw, drumming was even awesome. Drummer is really a badass. In the end they played “Raining Blood” along with Jimmy of Zygnema on vocals. It was nice. Since its always on top of my dream mosh playlist. I simply drowned myself into the beauty of this song, freed myself. Period

Overall rating : 9.5/10
PS-photo credits goes to manasi kale


kauan – lumikuuro (2007)

This is the band that I’ve been trippin’ a lot lately. It is very brilliant band and some-one who is really into ambient stuff. Then kauan is your thing !!

origin: rusia
gerens: folk/doom black

  1. Alku
  2. Aamu Ja Kaste
  3. Lumikuuro
  4. Savu
  5. Koivun Ela
  6. Syleily Sumu
  7. Villiruusu
  8. Syleily Sumu (Acoustic)



ronnie james dio passes away

the legend, the god, have passed away on 16th in the morning. It was really disturbing for me. He was one the musicians whom i wanted to meet personally !! That dream now remains dream.

anyway, RIP dio.


Opeth – morningrise

Genre : Progressive death metal

Country : sweden

~: Tracklist :~

1. Advent

2. The night and the silent water

3. Nectar

4. Black rose immortal

5. To bid you farewell

Download 1

Download 2

Ramblings on metal culture and geekdom

I was listening to some Dissection today. Storm of the Light’s Bane. This got me thinking. Modern metal is contradictory and liminal. It is an ‘outsider’ music/culture that is mainstream – metalheads like to cultivate this badass, elite, oppressed attitude but everyone’s listened to a Maiden or Sabbath song at least once in their lives. Metal is coarse, grotesque and transcendental. But this article isn’t about the music itself, which you can go hear on lastfm or the back pages of this site (download, people!)

Modern metal culture (thenceforth referred to as ‘metal’) is a safe space for kids labeled ‘geeks’ and ‘freaks’ to assert themselves with a set of ‘given’ rules – the foremost of which is not giving a shit what people think. It is also an answer to the postmodern while questioning the modern- and the premodern. It’s also become a space for immigrant men, particularly from Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, to assert a space for themselves.

While hip hop, punk and goth negotiate the dominant paradigm by being explicitly racialized, gendered, exoticized and classed, non-NSBM metal seeks to move away from this. Black metal doesn’t mean God Forbid (who are thrash). Female-fronted bands are only noted as such if they’re in a certain florid genre (Nightwish, Sirenia). It also embraces neurodiversity. ADHD? Try speed metal. Depressed? Doom metal’s for you. Bipolar? How about melodic death? Metal defines itself as a brotherhood by being individualistic within an tacit collectivism, instead of pussyfooting around and singing Kumbayah.

The most empowering thing about metal is its rage against the ‘geek’ idea. Intelligence is strength. Knowledge is power. Dreams are strength and power. Depression can be strength. You become stronger than the jocks – you are stronger than the brute-force jocks. Because you can see change- you are change, and you can assert yourself. Revenge of the nerds, but as the nerds take their revenge they become more than nerds.

While there is a ‘metal way of dress’ it is not enforced the way ‘goth’ is. Again – as contradictory – it is ‘more metal’ to wear a suit and tie than wear a metal shirt and be unemployed. Within metal’s defined liminality, charged with power, we make manifest our internal power. Playing Dungeons and Dragons isn’t just accepted here, dragons and swords become symbols of strength and virility. Verbal intelligence is respected, like mathematical is in the engineering world. There is a different social order, almost tribal. It is deeply emotional, yet controlled. Unrestrained, Romantic-era emotion is ’emo’, but the deep melancholy expressed in black-doom metal, the fury in death metal, the romance in gothic metal is the essence of what it is because it is brought together with strength, purpose and art. Experiencing this together in a concert is what creates the metal brotherhood.

There is in metal society a refreshing honesty and an attitude of continual, Nietzschean self-improvement – of change and vitality – rather than mindless acceptance. Metalheads regularly challenge each other as ‘posers’. But does that matter, in the end? Does being fat, gay or straight matter? Metal is about perhaps the illusory core of humanity. Hip hop and punk rock are postmodern, but metal’s attitude is pre-modern. In that way, hip hop espouses an agnostic humanism, while metal espouses a heathen humanism.

Metal culture also accepts what others call ‘escapism’. It’s accepted to read science fiction and comic books. Metal is comic book music, look at the song ‘Iron Man’. At the same time, metal doesn’t promote escapism for escapism’s sake, or intellectualism for intellectualism’s sake. It is deeply Teutonic in its practicality, roundly deriding pure escapists as ‘losers’. Metal is not for the body, but for the mind, and the spirit lost to the body, yet reasserted in moshing and crowd-surfing. It is rock and roll stripped of its germinal mating-dance. Not sex in the back of a car, but harnessing that force Tantrically and using it to reassert the renewed self.

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TheStarsaredeadnow – coldworld(ger)

Excellent work by German one-man band. It has got all those elements that makes a perfect “atmospheric black metal” record. It is indeed a genre defining band. It has this alluring property that makes you feel hypnotized subtly.Chord progression is so perfect that it gives you the cold, icy feeling as well as if you are feeling low, it may want to cut your veins too !! It will just take you to the abysses of depression, melancholy and solitude. Whole album is melancholic. It has droning chord progression to mid paced drumming with screeching vocals. Peace + depressiveness + nostalgia + melancholy. That’s how I’d prefer to describe this album. Tracks like “this empty life”, “hate”, “suicide” make it a mint !! The more you dig, the more you gonna fall in love wit this album.

Genre – atmospheric black metal

Country – Germany

: Tracklist :

1. This empty life (07:22)

2. Hate (04:00)

3. Cancer (03:38)

4. Suicide (05:15)

5. The old ghost in the well (07:48)


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