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stereotype feminists !!

I’ve been lately reading/over-viewing blogs by Indians. Mostly they’re teenage blathering and about their break-ups and such cliche stuff. Endless poems and songs containing the same stereotype you-broke-my-heart-i-am-so-sad themes. Now talking about Ladies especially.

There are certain bunch of ’em, who have read books little more than an average person would and have “deep” knowledge about philosophical aspects of “life”. Now there are certain traits that these women/girl (preferred to be called Lady).

1. They would feel very proud to be called feminists.

2. They might claim that they are bi-sexual (or some might even claim to be strictly lesbian). I bet they’ve never had sex in their whole life, nor a lesbian make-out either.

3. They desperately follow “L word” or a TV series that nobody would’ve ever heard of. Also some hollywood actress, preferably famous, who is a lesbian and their wardrobe would be very much influenced by any of the characters of the series FO SHO !

4. They stalk 1000s of facebook profiles and keep and eye on the “books” in the info section. And then would write such books’ and authors’ names in their own profile which are not found in those 1000.

5. Mostly they follow a certain author or a book’s philosophy (which you’ve not ever heard of) and preferably a female author.

6. They would listen to weirdest music and would talk random when discussed their music taste. And it would change so frequently, yet they’d claim themselves as a sensible music lover !!

7. Mostly they’d try to portray themselves as NERDS (as shown in The Big Bang Theory), which I believe they would be, and would claim that they dig guys like sheldon cooper (provided that he should be white by skin, coz probably the population of nerds in India is likely to be more than Croatia’s total population) And they would be flaunting about some mathematician from 16th century, whose theories got proven wrong years later already.

8. They are bound to have Tumblr and/or deviantArt (insert any cool social networking website that you have not heard of)  account in order to remain cool-er than the rest of the world. And they’d befriend with any random “guy” from the last corner of the world, but would never reply to someone from the same ethnicity.

9. Apparently, in real life, she’d not have much friends and failed to date a guy (or failed to be dated) Therefore she would prefer to be called an Individualist.

10. In order to extensive reading, she’d use English which even Brits stopped using after 16th century !

PS- This post is just for fun, I mean no offense to these females. Apparently I dig and respect true women ! Feminist who are brave enough to come out of shell instead of shedding tears. But if you’re a poser. I will slap you first and then let you blather about feminism.


Thus spoke Nietzsche

People who are only religious understand even science as a seeking on the part of the religious feeling, just as the deaf-and-dumb do not know what music is if it is not visible movement.”


Neoism + dudeism

Just today I came across an amazing video, named Neo Lebowski.

One thing I want to make clear is that, Neoism, to me, is not the one that wiki says. Neoism to me is my own understanding and interpretation of the matrix and the characters (esp. Neo). Though the video has nothing to do with the either of the philosophies, but since I’ve come across this video, I thought, I read, I tried to connect and I found that in order to become an Ubermensch, nothing can be better than the combination of these two.

Though, It’s pretty hard for me to explain how I interpret Neoism and how I implement or see things accordingly around me. But let me try,

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” – Albert Einstein

“you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else
you were born into bondage.
Born into a prison
that you cannot smell or taste or touch.
A prison for your mind.

no one can be told
what the Matrix is.
You have to see it for yourself.”

“You’ve been living in a dream world, Neo.”

If you read these both carefully, you’ll see the connection. The reason why I posted the Einstein quote before matrix quote was to make the matrix quote more clear. Now if the quote from matrix read first and then the Einstein one, it’d give the more clarity about what actually Morpheus meant by that !

Now, on the other hand, Dudeism talks about whole new different approach. Not the opposite though. Dudeism according to wiki,

“The Dudeist belief system is essentially a modernized form of Taoism purged of all of its metaphysical and medical doctrines. Dudeism advocates and encourages the practice of “going with the flow” and “taking it easy” in the face of life’s difficulties, believing that this is the only way to live in harmony with our inner nature and the challenges of interacting with other people. It also aims to assuage feelings of inadequacy that arise in societies which place a heavy emphasis on achievement and personal fortune.Consequently, simple everyday pleasures like bathing, bowling, and hanging out with friends are seen as far preferable to the accumulation of wealth and the liberal spending of money as a means to achieve happiness and spiritual fulfillment.”

Can be explain as, as I found somewhere over the net,

“The core tenets of dudeism are generally pacifism and a sense of humbleness towards one’s achievements. Meaning, one should be happy with their lot in life and should not stress themselves out (be uptight) trying to achieve higher than they are capable. It generally models the “Dude” from the movie “The Big Lebowski” as a Buddha like figure and posits that followers should try to be more like him. I.E., meaning that we should take more pleasure in the simple things in life and try to not resist the flow our lives take.”

Now, when these two are connected with each other. There rises a whole new ideology of living life. Though it’s a bit tough to understand and even tougher to implement.

But then again, the dude abides, man !!


5 Critical Elements Of Your Band Bio

One of the fundamentals of the modern band and band web site is the Band Bio. Many bands struggle to write an effective bio.


5 Critical Elements Of Your Band Bio

1. Who Are You?

The most important elements to include are fundamental to any bio. You should include:

  • Your band name
  • Your location
  • Your contact information
  • A description of your music
  • Your influences

First impressions really, really count. Your bio is often the first impression that people get of your band. Simply put, the first paragraph of your bio is very important.

Your first paragraph has to grab attention and hold it. It has to be interesting, informative and engaging. Don’t make huge claims about how fantastic you are, that sort of bio text does not give a good impression. In fact unrealistic or fantastic claims actually work against you as people often read it as “unrealistic”. Far better to tell them the facts in an interesting way and let them be impressed by that.

2. What is your Band Doing Currently?

You should also include some info on your current band activities. For example do you have a planned tour? Are you releasing a new album? Or busy recording towards a new album? Are you writing new material? You get the idea.

3. Background

If you include any other background information, make sure that it is relevant.

One of the most common mistakes is to include information along the lines of “Rick has been playing violin since he was 4 years old. At 7 he began learning the guitar and performed his first gig at only 9 years old. At 10…”


Industry pros will just toss your bio in the trash as soon as they stop yawning.

By all means include something about your relevant musical history but be brief, keep it interesting and present it in a way that it doesn’t simply become a list!
4. Highlights and Achievements

You definitely want to list your successes. You may have had your music played on the radio, have collaborated with a musician or music producer, won a battle of the bands or similar competition. Make sure that the most attention grabbing, flattering story about your band is featured in your bio!

5. Your Band in the Press and Media

You can include press quotes in other parts of your bio, for example to help describe your band sound, or the power of your performances, but you should try and include at least one press clip in your bio.


General Band Bio Tips

Apart from the critical elements of your bio mentioned above there are some more general things that you should be aware of:

No Typos

If you think that a typo or two would not count against you, think again. A simple rule: NO TYPOS


Under no circumstances make up things to enhance your bio. It will be found out, and when it is the consequences are simply that professionals will not work with you and your reputation can quickly be ruined.

I’ll say that again, don’t make stuff up!

Create More Than One Version of Your Band Bio

You should make several versions of your bio so that it suits the purpose and needs of the moment. You should create the following versions:

  • Long Bio – 1 full page
  • Medium Bio- 3 paragraphs
  • Short Bio – 1 paragraph
  • Elevator Pitch – Be able to describe your music in 30 seconds, i.e. only a couple of sentences.

The various media outlets, festivals and conferences all have different requirements. Being prepared with different versions to hand means that you can react quickly to opportunities with a minimum of stress. Writing on spec when you are presented with an opportunity will lead to sub-standard pitches, which will do you absolutely no favors.

Keep Your Band Bio Up-to-date!

When you achieve something more, get featured, play a huge gig etc make sure that you add it to your band bio
This was originally written by my friend and very talented musician John Moxey. You may see the original article HERE

Jennifer Lopez steals bollywood tune?

While surfing channels, I heard this J.Lo song “on the floor” featuring Pitbull. When I heard the tune, I sounded familiar. The tune kept on buzzing all day long and then I suddenly realized, that it’s the tune we’ve been hearing since childhood.

The links below will amuse you !!

the old bollywood song !


This is not where it ends, coz when I came to know that it was composed by our own Bappi da !! made me look further and found the original song !! there you go



who is John Galt?

It’s been just 4 chapters so far and…


The question have already started bugging me !!


Who is John Galt !?

yeah, that’s me

pearls of wisdom

"Apparently people don't like the truth, but I do like it; I like it because it upsets a lot of people. If you show them enough times that their arguments are bullshit, then maybe just once, one of them will say, 'Oh! Wait a minute - I was wrong.' I live for that happening. Rare, I assure you."

Keep an eye

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